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Raymond Supply Company

Raymond Supply is a sheet metal and HVAC supply house in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Since 1952 they’ve been the community’s go-to supplier. This Family business is a cornerstone among local contractors and homeowners alike.

We’ve helped them with a rebranding project and continue to produce video and product photography for the company’s website as well as social media. We're currently running their site and keeping it up to date.

Video, photo, animation & design

Raymond supply logo Final (full color)-01.png

Logo Design and Animation

We updated Raymond Supply's logo back in 2016. Raymond has a long, proud history in Winston-Salem, so we wanted their logo to carry a retro feel.

Website Design and Managment

We have built the Raymond site from the ground up including all photography and creative that appears on the site. The primary purpose of the Raymond site is too display the wide variety of products that they carry. 


Social Media

Organic social media activity is an important piece of the puzzle for a company. And good, professional looking content helps you stand out in the minds of potential customers among your competitors as well as everything else competing for their attention on social media. Good professionally produced content also helps you put forth the idea that your brand or company is one of the highest quality.

If you want to be perceived as a high level company, you cannot be putting out low level content. 




Our photography for Raymond has primarily been product photography for both inventory listing on their website as well as more artistic photos for social media. In addition to product photography for social media, we also routinely visit the Raymond warehouse to capture typical day to day business activity for posting purposes.

Video Production

The videos we have made for Raymond have primary been for organic social posting. We've produced videos that cover everything from product reviews to videos that highlight Raymond's exceptional customer service.

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